What is Jûnan Aikido?
The origin is traditional Aikido, but Jūnan Aikido is more flexible about the techniques and solutions that practitioners can choose. We train with Jo (stake), Bokken (wood sword) and Tanto (wood knife).
Jūnan Aikido means in this context - Flexible Aikido and like all Aikido it needs to be experienced to get full understanding. To adapt to the situation and for the mind have inner peace, we can convey outer joy.
The Aikido that Jūnan Aikido stands for is not about caution or failure and in response to the obvious question if Aikido being can be used as self-defense, the answer is yes. However, an athlete should not focus on combat or defense without challenging himself to have full focus on the current, technology, interaction and breathing. Everything else is secondary.
We build the practitioner's formality, discipline and focus with the help of heartfull Budo!
Chief Instructor
Henrik Carlsson has been training Aikido since the 1990s under the leadership of Peter Niesing, Terje Kristoffersen and Robert Van Helsing.
Graduated to 1 kyo according to Aikikai by Peter Niesing and 2 dan Klostret Budoakademi - Budo no Kokoro by Robert Van Helsing.
Has previous experience of Ju Jutsu and Kung Fu.
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